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In a world full of different Techtra Digital social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other platforms. In these social media platforms, everyone wants to gain hundreds of new followers so that they could increase likes and comments in their posts. Today, many people and new social media marketing agency in delhi such as new enterprises, or entrepreneurs do get thriving in gaining fake or impulse followers using cheap third-party apps. Unfortunately, chasing followers through the third party may increase your following but it often leads to decreased quality of content, fewer post engagements, and overall, a weak social media presence.

If your strategy is genuine and the quality of your content is monitored regularly then there are many benefits that come with huge media following. Many people believe that each and every single follower is equal and new followers have the same value as their older once. But it is not at true, the truth is a follower who truly knows you or your brand is more important than an impulsive follower. One real and loyal follower is more valuable to you and your brand than a number of fake and uninterested average followers.          So, the major question that comes to our mind is How can we attract or engage new real followers? Well, here is a simple guide for all those who want to increase their following without any third-party interference.

Some popular media platforms

Well, before getting to tips on how to double our following on social media platforms. We must discuss the most popular media platforms for social media marketing with a huge audience.

  1. Facebook - 2.9 Billion Monthly Active Users(MAUs)
  2. Youtube – 2.3 Billion MAUs
  3. Whatsapp - 2.5 Billion MAUs
  4. Messenger - 1.3 Billion MAUs
  5. Instagram – 1.074 Billion MAUs
  6. Tumblr - 642 Million Monthly Unique Visitors(MUVs)
  7. Tic Tok - 500 Million MAUs
  8. Twitter - 335 Million MAUs
  9. Reddit - 330 Million MAUs
  10. LinkedIn - 294 Million MAUs
  11. Snapchat - 255 Million MAUs
  12. Pinterest - 250 Million MAUs
  13. Telegram - 200 MIllion MAUs

So here are few of the well-known media platforms, you can choose the most suitable social media platforms according to your business needs.

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Tips to increase your followers on social media platforms

Here are five tips, using which you can increase or double your social media following without sacrificing your content quality.

  1. Always go for posting the higher quality material only: Create Content People Actually Want to See” To increase our social media following it is important that make sure that our existing followers stick around and we attract more and more new followers to our brand or our profile. It is important that we produce high-quality content for our followers and a new audience. Well, you can start by posting fully unique, shareable, practical, and most importantly high-quality stream of content on your page or profile consistently. Attracting the emotions of your followers can give you a boost in increasing your audience. Using emotional content can make your audience engage more with you and share it with others which ultimately leads to doubling your following. Doing so will differentiate your brand or product from the bulk of other social media marketing agency in delhi.
  2. Get engaged in the existing conversations: On almost every social media platform that you think of, some type of conversations are going on all around us at any given point of time. As a company or brand, most of these conversations will be directly or indirectly linked to your niche of expertise. You need to look out for these conversations through hashtags or with the help of social listening software, keywords, etc. Using the search feature that is being offered by social media platforms is another good option to find conversations or you can easily follow key brands in your niche. You will end up finding hundreds of active conversations come up with hunters and thousands of participants involved in discussions or debates related to a particular idea, thought, or question. You need to get involved in and share your perspective on the subject, this will showcase your leadership qualities of you or your business, which will increase your brand visibility to a new audience in the process.
  3. Try always to reach out to new people from the target audience: Social media a name we all are familiar with but do you know why it is called social media? Well, there are numerous reasons that one can list. But the main reason behind it is that people on social media are generally free and open to communicate on social media platforms. Try reaching out to a new audience who aren't yet following you or aren't familiar with your brand without being afraid. Especially, if they are actively engaged in a community discussion. You might use a personal brand as an extension of your corporate brand. This way your approach will look more reliable and friendly thus, engaging a good section of the audience. This can increase social media following in a genuine manner.
  4. Try working with other influencers: Influencers play a vital role as a gateway to huge audience exposer. In order to increase the social media following, these are the people, as the name suggests are highly influencing. These people have very strong and effective users of social media platforms. Moreover, they have access to tens or hundreds of thousands of followers and have a huge fan base as well. Working with them in whatever way you can, go for content collaboration, or maybe some mutual exchange of conversation or by some interviews. Collaborating with such influencers will cross-pollinate your audience and you will be able to earn a better reputation on the social media markets. Try connecting with as many as influencers as you can and you will see a drastic increase in the social media following for your brand. But make sure these relationships go on for a longer period of time so as to maintain your integrity infinity.
  5. Make sure of rewarding your followers: Another important step that many marketers seem to miss or ignore knowingly is Rewards. Rewarding make your followers feel valued and appreciated. You must get out of your way to reward your followers. You can sponsor a giveaway way, distribute premium quality of content for free or you can simply walk and extra mile and respond to each and every tweet, comment, or mail that you receive from your audience. Appreciating your followers is also a great way to make your followers stick around you in the extended haul. This way they will be more likely to talk about your products to their family members, friends, or their followers, which can impact your total number of audience in a massive amount. Try going out of your way to reward your audience, there are several ways to do so.
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Apart from these five tips, there are few other minor tips that will also contribute to doubling your followers.

     Select the media platforms which are most suitable for you and your product to reach out to the masses.

     Select a time or scheduled your post when most people are active.

     Your bio or information on your profile must be short and appealing.

     The type of content must be unique and attractive.

     Build a relationship with your followers.

     Mention people in your social media post.

     Constantly take out time to reply to all your DM's and questions of your followers.

     Don't just like people post, reply with a comment to start a conversation.

     Reply to the person by mentioning them when they share your posts.

In the end, all I will say is, remember, your first priority is the quality of your followers not the number of followers. In the long run, the number of followers will hurt you or your brand image. Only your quality of followers will help you a lot in doubling your social media following. But in order to do so, you must measure some important engagement modes such as inbound traffic, comments, and conversations on your profile or page and many more other measures. Only then your follower's quantity will start to mean valuable to your brand. These few simple and yet very important steps can make sure that your good presence online and you keep on gaining followers. But try not to measure your success on the basis of followers you attract with social media marketing agency in delhi

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